Monday, July 6, 2009

Sexy Letters Splicing Dress

Item code: U09235
Price: RM 49
Color: White
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 77cm, Bust 60-88cm
Generous Stripe Chest wrap skirt

Item code: U09236(Out of stock)
Price: RM 49
Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton yarn and silk fabric
Descriptions: Length 71cm, Bust 74cm

Colorful Butterfly Like Charming Chiffon Skirt

Item code: U09237
Price: RM 35
Color: Red/ Orange/ Blue
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Waist 68-80cm, Length 65cm

Charming Elastic Cotton Pant

Item code: U09238
Price: RM 29
Color: Blue/ Pink/ Black/ Grey/ Rose/ White/ Green
Fabric: Elastic cotton
Descriptions: Waist 60-76cm, Length 58cm