Friday, June 26, 2009

Romantic Cross Grain V Collar Flowing Light Silk Yarns Dress

Item code: U09193
Price: RM 55
Color: Purple/ Grey
Fabric: Silk yarn
Descriptions: Length 88cm/34.64", Bust 90cm/35.43"

Leopard Print Bowknot Cotton Dress

Item code: U09194
Price: RM 49
Color: Black/ Brown
Fabric: Chiffon + Imitation silk
Descriptions: Length 80cm/31.49", Bust 66-82cm/25.98-32.28"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comfortable Attractive Printing Lovely Flowers Chiffon Shirt

Item code: U09195
Price: RM 50
Color: As shown
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 58cm/22.83", Bust 90cm/35.43", Sleeve

Korean Version Stand-collar Ladies Favorite Star Dress

Item code: U09196
Price: RM 55
Color: Pink/ Green
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 75cm/29.53", Bust 80cm/31.50", Waist 68cm/26.77"

Elegance Lady Image Short Sleeve Dress

Item code: U09197
Price: RM 49
Color: As shown
Fabric: Cotton + Polyester + Imitation Jeans ( with belt)
Descriptions: Length 73CM/28.74", Bust 90CM/35.43"
Little Flowers Lotus Leaf Lace Elastic Chiffon Dress

Item code: U09198
Price: RM 55
Color: As shown
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 68cm/26.77", Bust 70-88cm/27.55-34.64"

Shiny Dotted Attractive Flowing Satin Shirt

Item code: U09199
Price: RM 49
Color: Pink/ Beige
Fabric: Satin
Descriptions: Length 65cm/25.59", Bust 86cm/33.85", Shoulder
Flower Brooches Decoration Sleeveless Classic Pleated Dress

Item code: U09189
Price: RM 59
Color: Purple
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 82cm/32.28"(M), 83cm/32.68"(L), Bust
66cm/25.98"(M), 70cm/27.56"(L)

Deep U-neck Short Sleeve Long T-shirt with Base Wiping Bosom Garment

Item code: U09190
Price: RM 40
Color: Green/ Pink
Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
Descriptions: Length 75cm/29.53", Bust 90cm/35.43"

Wrapped Skirt OL Feeling Dress

Item code: U09191
Price: RM 45
Color: Pink/ Black
Fabric: Cottom
Descriptions: Length 79cm/31.10", Bust 90cm/35.43"
Lotus Leaf Short Sleeve Crewneck Dress

Item code: U09192
Price: RM 55
Color: Apricot
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 73cm/28.74", Bust 88cm/34.65"-104cm/40.94"
Fashionable Style colorant match Sleeveless U Collar Dress

Item code: u09193 (fits M-L)
Price: RM 45
Color: Purplish blue
Fabric: Mixed fabric, Cotton
Descriptions: Length 80CM/31.49", Bust 80-90CM/31.49-35.43"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Pattern Flower Double Lap Short Sleeve Dress

Item code: U09186
Price: RM 55
Color: Apricot
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 76cm/29.92", Shoulder 28cm/11.02", Bust 34CM/13.38"

Three Layered Sweep Color Matching V-neck Sleeveless Dress

Item code: U09187
Price: RM 59
Color: Black
Fabric: Imitation silk
Descriptions: Length 85cm/33.46", Bust 86cm/33.86"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twin-set of Short Sleeve Letters Printing T-shirt

Item code: U09115
Price: RM 40
Color: Pink/ Blue/ Black
Fabric: Cotton + polyester
Descriptions: T-shirt Length 56cm/22.05", T-shirt Bust 90cm/35.43"

Gorgeous Modern Printing Butterfly Pattern Cotton-Lycra Dress

Item code: U09116
Price: RM 60
Color: Black/ White
Fabric: Lycra + cotton
Descriptions: Length 84cm/33.07", Bust 86-106cm/33.85-41.73"
Shoulder 40cm/15.74"

Deep V-neck with Wavy Edge Cuff Sexy Sun-top

Item code: U09117
Price: RM 40
Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 60cm/23.62", Bust 80cm/31.50"

Small Love Hearts Pattern Gauze Edge Double Dress with Shoulder Straps
Item code: U09118
Price: RM 50
Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton + Gauze
Descriptions: Bust 74cm/29.13"-82cm/32.28", Length