Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flowing Printing Colorful Pattern Chiffon Dress

Item code: U09227
Price: RM 39
Color: Blue/ Yellow/ White
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Bust92cm, Length 84cm

Elegant Pure Short Sleeve Dress with Button

Item code: U09228
Price: RM 45
Color: Black/ Pink
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Bust 88cm, Length 83cm

Korean Version Bright Colors Chest Warp Dress ( With Belt)

Item code: U09229
Price: RM 55
Color: Green/ Pink
Fabric: Washing cotton
Descriptions: Length 78cm, Bust 88cm

Crewneck Elegant Dress

Item code: U09230
Price: RM 40
Color: Pink(Out of stock)/ Green
Fabric: Chiffon and polyester
Descriptions: Length 76cm, Bust 92cm
Red Peony Pattern Ramie Cotton Dress

Item code: U09231
Price: RM 50
Color: As shown
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Bust 70cm, Length 73cm

Two-way Wear Wiping Bosom Dress

Item code: U09232(Out of stock)
Price: RM 40
Color: As shown
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 71cm, Waist(Elastic)64cm
Hawaiian Short-Sleeved Dress

Item code: U09233
Price: RM 55
Color: Dark blue/ Grey/ Light blue
Fabric: Stretch Cotton
Descriptions: Length 80cm, Bust 92cm

Flowers Open Collar Short-Sleeved Dress

Item code: U09234
Price: RM 55
Color: White
Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
Descriptions: Length 74cm, Bust 92cm