Monday, August 17, 2009

August Pre-Order

Charming Style Fashion Slim Braces Skirt Sexy Design with Flowing Bottom-White

Item code: A30311
Price: RM59
Length: 75CM/29.53” Bust: 74-94CM/29.13-37.01”
Waist: 68-86CM/26.77-33.86”
Fabric: Cotton

Sexy Backless Flower Neck Hanging Deep V Collar Shirt

Item code: A30316
Price: RM55
Length::74-84CM/29.13-33.07” Bottom: 96CM/37.8”
Bust: 74-84CM/29.13-33.07”
Fabric: Cotton

Lady Temperament Two Methods Wear Wave Design Fashion Exotic Shirt-Blue/ Black

Item code: A30317
Price: RM55
Length: 67CM/26.38” Bust: 78-96CM/30.71-37.8”
Shoulder: 33CM/12.99”
Fabric: Cotton

Character Slant Bevel Fashion Bind Waist Casual Coat-Blue/Grey/White/Black

Item code: A30313
Price: RM49
Length: 90cm/35.43" Bust: 45cm/17.71"
Shoulder Width: 34cm/13.38"
Sleeve Length: 56cm/22.04"
Fabric: Cotton
Casual Fashion Loose Stripe Embroidered Butterflies T Shirt –White/ Dark blue

Item code: A30310
Price: RM45
Length: 76cm/29.92" Bust: 48cm/18.90" Shoulder Width: 51cm/20.08"
Fabric: Imitation Cotton

Sweet Leisure Style Round Collar Half Sleeve Jeans Blouse

Item code: A30312
Price: RM55
Length: 61cm/24.02" Bust: 90cm/35.43" Shoulder Length: 37cm/14.57"
Fabric: Jean Material

Hot Sale Fashion Single Shoulder Level Wave Collar Chiffon Shirt –Grey

Item code: A30314
Price: RM45
Length: 62CM/24.41” Bust: 82-96CM/32.28-37.8”
Bottom: 78CM/30.71”
Fabric: Cotton, Chiffon

Fashionable Korean Style Round Stretched Collar with Chiffon Tie- Beige/Red/Yellow/Blue/ Black

Item code: A30315
Price: RM55
Length: 55cm/21.65" Sleeve length: 56cm/22.04"
Shoulder: 38cm/14.96" Chest/Bust: 76-90cm/29.92-35.13"
Fabric: Cotton and Chiffon tie

Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Colors Matching Lovely Heart Shape Button Dress

Item code: A30306

Price: RM59

Color: Black

Fabric: Satin and cotton

Descriptions: Length 84CM, Bust 72-88CM, Waist 76CM

Korean Simple Special Half Sleeve Pullover Dress

Item code: A30307
Price: RM 49
Color: Blue
Fabric: Cotton + Polyester
Descriptions: Length 74cm, Bust 76cm

Lotus Leaf Sleeve Elegant Round Collar Chiffon Pullover Dress

Item code: A30308
Price: RM 50
Color: Black
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 78CM, Waist 58-84CM, Bust 80-88CM

Generous Recreational Tour Design Dress

Item code: A30309
Price: RM 49
Color: Grey
Fabric: Ramie cotton
Descriptions: Length 72cm, Bust 43cm
Generous Giraffe Dress With Black and White Collocation

Item code: A30300
Price: RM 45
Color: White
Fabric: Cotton and polyester
Descriptions: Length 78cm, Bust 84-92cm

Lovely Colorful Points Lap Tube Dress

Item code: A30301
Price: RM45
Color: Black/ Blue
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 49cm, Bust 92-120cm

Fashion Shining Star Printing Long Pattern Dress

Item code: A30302
Price: RM 49
Color: Blue
Fabric: Cotton
Descriptions: Length 78CM, Bust 80CM , Sleeve 28CM

Hot Sale Light and Soft Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress

Item code: A30303
Price: RM 45
Color: Chiffon
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 80cm, Bust 84cm

Korean Simple and Elegant Fashional Chiffon Dress

Item code: A30304
Price: RM 35
Color: Pink/ Rose
Fabric: Chiffon
Descriptions: Length 85cm, Bust 86-100cm